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Ship Master List
Emma- Bang
Welcome to my unnaturally long ship list. Layout has been taken from aimmyarrowshigh.

Key: OTP. Pairings I don't like. Favourite characters.

Last updated: 7/13/12

Austin & Ally

Austin/Ally. Ally/Dez. Trish/Dez. Trish/Austin.

Batman Begins/Dark Knight
Bruce/Rachel. Batman. Harvey/Rachel. lfred Pennyworth. Batman/Joker. Joker.

nbsp;                                                  Batman: Dead to Rights

Batman/Joker. Geoff/Joker. Gordon/Geoff. Holly/Geoff. Renee/Uchida. Taub/Agboh. Robbie/Geoff.

Before I Fall
Kent/Sam. Sam/Rob. Kent McFuller.

The Breakfast Club
Bender/Claire. Andrew Clark. Andrew/Allison. Brian Johnson. Andrew/Brian. Allison/Claire. Bender/Andrew. John Bender. Richard Vernon.
Caster Chronicles

Lena/Ethan. Wesley “Link” Lincoln. Macon/Lila. Ridley/John. Link/Ridley. Link/Ethan. Ridley Duchannes. Ridley/Lena. John Breed. Ridley/Ethan. Aunt Prue. Lena/Liv. Ethan/Liv. Lena/John. Macon Ravenwood. Savannah/Ethan. Savannah/Link.

A Cinderella Story

Sam/Austin. Austin/Shelby. Carter/Astrid. Hal/Fiona. Carter/Shelby. Carter Ferrell.

Chasing Yesterday Trilogy

Steve/Matt. Steve. Matt/Steve/Andrew. Matt. Matt/Casey. Andrew/Matt.

The Chronicles of Narnia
Lucy/Edmund. Edmund Pevensie. Susan/Peter. Lucy Pevensie

Kristina/Chase. Kristina/Brendan. Kristina/Adam. Kristina/Robyn.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Nick/Catherine. Gil/Catherine. Gil/Sara. Warrick/Nick. Nicholas Stokes. Greg/Sara. Catherine/Sara. Greg Sanders. Hodges/Wendy. Archie/Hodges. Catherine Willows.

Dance Academy

Kat/Tara.Ethan/Tara.Christian. Christian/Tara.Abigail/Tara. Abigail/Kat.Sammy/Kat. Sammy/Abigail. Abigail. Christian/Kat. Sammy/Mia. Christian/Sammy. Sammy. Kat Sammy/Paige. Christian/Ethan.

Dark Visions Trilogy
Gabriel/Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn/Rob. Gabriel Wolfe. Gabriel/Lydia. Anna/Rob. Lydia/Lewis. Lewis/Anna.

Disney Pixar
Bo Peep/Woody. Woody/Buzz. Buzz/Jessie. Mr. Potato Head/Mrs. Potato Head. Jessie/Woody. Barbie/Ken. Aliens. Hamm. Rex. Mr. Potato Head. Slinky Dog. Carl/Ellie. Kevin. Russell. Violet/Dash. Frozone.
Disney Princesses

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I don't love them but I don't hate them either so I just listed them as a ship xD

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