Because I could not stop for Death

He kindly stopped for me

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Friends Only- Comment to be added
Emma- Bang

wave, hey

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hi i saw that you added me. where did you see me from?

a post a read from ohnotheydidn't i belong to that community too

I'm 23. You added me, so I'm not really sure from where.

oh that's ok thank u for letting me know

hi :) u commented at my journal and oh I'm still 15 .

Hi, I saw that you added me.
I think I've seen you over at a Percy Jackson comm, right?

Oh yeah, that's right. Thanks for commenting! :)

(Deleted comment)
Another thing we have in common: We're both younger than 18. xD

I'm Alie. Thanks for adding me! :D

We must have amazing discussions about THG. I could make our own post about it. xD

Hej! I just saw now that you've added me as a friend. I checked where you could've found me, saw that you're also a Percy Jackson fan and remembered that I posted something on the friending meme. I haven't been notified about your comment there otherwise I would've seen that earlier. Though another comment on lj would've been nice. ^^

But whatever. I'm going to add you, too. :)

I'm sorry, I'm so out of it. What do you mean about another comment? Did you want me to add a comment to your journal? I probably added you without checking to see if you had your journal on Friends Only. My apologies.

Hey! You added me at a percy jackson stamping app and I forgot to add you back *headdesk*

And I'm 14 :)

Awesome! :D Thank you for letting me know. :)

Gah, I love it when I find people who ship Hades/Persephone.
Anyways, I'm the one who persuaded you to post your little fic 'short on change' in my Rachel/Nico comm.
Have you written anything else for the fandom? I'm curious to read it if so.

Haha. I didn't use to. I really hated it at first, but I've grown to like them. :)

I've written about 44 other stories for PJO. :P You can check on here under the tag "fandom: percy jackson" or "fanfiction", or you can check my FFn account (link's on the side of the page).

(Deleted comment)
I remember you. :) Added.

Hi, it's Jess under a new username. :) Add?

Hi, Alie. I'm Christine. I haven't posted anything to my journal yet, but I think we could be good friends. I love Percy Jackson, The Chronicles of Narnia, Doctor Who, Disney, Harry Potter and The Hunger Games.

Sounds good. Added. Nice to meet you, Christine. :)

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